#5 Koh Samui Tattoo/Thailand

August 11th, 2005.

Homebooth. Koh Samui. Ouch…! What? You didn’t see this one coming?

While feasting on a delicious breakfast with muesli, yoghurt and chopped fruits (hail to these ripe and juicy fruits you get around here. I have never tasted this kind of sweetness in mangos or pineapples before!) we thought we’d make most of the 24-hour-scooter-lease and cruise to a post office to send some postcards and a DVD with some photos home- the memory card was almost full anyway. No. I didn’t have a spare one. They were like 50€ for 1GB.

Well, we must have passed the post office unnoticed. Couldn’t find it- oh well. I was cruising towards our domicile and stopped. My friend hopped off and I handed her my helmet- I was just going to park the scooter and return it after 23hrs and 57mins. And then it kinda just happened in the blink of an eye…:

The back tyre slipped in the sand, I got frightened and held on tight to the handlebar in a very unfortunate angle. I was pulling the handbrake yet accelerating full throttle… I reeled and shredded the scooter along a fence. I totalled it at the very last minute.




Well actually my knee looked worse than the scooter and they ripped us off for a few scratches the plastic had but damn, there is no use in haggling when your knee is bleeding. Just glad I didn’t shoot straight into the smelly greenish pond 3m ahead. Pretty sure I’d be pest infected if I had and the scooter would have exploded as you see in movies…

So it went rather well. Just a few bruises and cuts. And a fleshy hole on my knee which began to swell up. A lifelong souvenir once scarred . Koh Samui-Tattoo as the wise traveller calls it.

And then the rain came for a change and washed away the pain. How nice. And how weird to actually like the fact that it was raining.

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