I went traveling with nothing but a backpack and a very dear friend in 2005.

As an emetophobiac my biggest worry on the times ahead was severe food-poisoning. Vomiting seemed to be a lot scarier than trading home for some plane tickets, a backpack and the uncertainty of what to expect.

„I’d prefer broken bones to an upset stomach“- I wrote just before I left.

In the following months I crashed a Scooter (and my knee) into some fence. I also endured traumatizing nights due to an allergic reaction to bedbugs. I was so itchy that I cried and kinda went insane and considered buying a gun if it wouldn’t stop. Oh and then there was a minor terrorist-attack with a bomb detonating just a few miles from where we stayed. All of this was followed by a severe car accident in the middle of nowhere. But you know what? I got what I asked for. No vommy tummy. Just a fractured pelvic bone…

Looking forward to travel back in time and sharing precious memories with you in my category travelogue.

I mean, come on: 2005! That’s like ages ago. Back then you spent hours by converting your CDs to mp3 and choosing wisely which songs to put on your deluxe ipod 4GB. You checked emails maybe once a day and had a mailing list to keep in touch. Even Myspace was in it’s babyshoes. That’s right. Facebook didn’t exist. My “digicam” had 5mpx. I bought a 2GB SD for it which cost around 50€ back then. Look how far we’ve come…