#14 Koh Phangan/Thailand

August 23rd, 2005, Koh Phangan

Lesson learned:

  • Cockroaches under the bed are fine. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Toiletpaper (still) does not belong into the toilet.

August 24th, 2005, Koh Phangan

So things got a little serious today.

A loud and aggressive hammering at our front door woke us early in the morning. I was right up. “What the heck is going on?!” I wondered half asleep but wide awake. This was no “knock-knock- hello, roomservice?” It was more like “open the door now or I will kick it in and bring my SWAT-Team…!!!!!1!1!!1!!!!”

My friend stared at me, still sleepy but scared “Who is this?!” We peeked through our window and saw Boo (yep.), from the team at the lounge. “Leave!” he shouted. “Get off this island! Now!” He was yelling. His body language left no room for misinterpretation.


Thanks again for the proper walls our apartment had. The wooden huts would have not withstood. For sure, bro! Boo! The very angry and very scary man took off (his fists probably hurt) and we tiptoed to the English lads, looking for some sort of protection. We got along well the last few days and obviously needed some rear cover.

Superheroing to the lounge they talked to Boo’s colleagues. Drugs and “other problems” m
ake him fall into rage easily, they said, and suggested us to actually leave Bottle Beach. What?! Boo appeared out of nowhere and stated once again more than clearly that he wanted us off the island.

Well. We didn’t want to risk anything so we packed our bags and left. It wasn’t until we sat in the boat veering away from this lovely place when we dared taking a deep breath, wondering what has pushed Boo’s buttons.

“And now what?!” Ha! We flicked through the pages of our diaries and there they were. Our leftover-boat-tickets. There was no date on it. It seemed still valid for a trip to Krabi. So we knew what was next.

Regarding Boo, who very much lived up to his name, we were still clueless. Maybe we underrated his friendly gestures on the same account as he overrated ours. Anyways. May he smoke some weed and chill in peace.

Oh! We actually might meet some of the Englishmen in Malaysia. Let’s find out if they share our understanding of “being nice to one another”…

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Theodore who?
Theodore wasn’t open so I knocked.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Déja who?
Knock knock.

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