about 04:11

“nothing good ever happens after 2am”, claims Ted in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Well, you’re too damn wrong, Mr. Mosby…

04:11 am is the time both of my kids were born. Which totally fits my inner clock since I am not a morning person and most productive at night.¬†When I entered the delivery ward at 3:45 am I told the midwife “my daughter was born at 4:11” she replied “we might make it again”. And so I did. Pushed another healthy 4kg baby out at fourelevenam… The only difference this time: it had a penis.

As in HIMYM- one of my favourite series to date- random coincidences lead to lovely things. For me what derived from this was my wedding day. Oh, and the name of my blog.

My first blogging experience began in 2007 when I traveled to California. I was keeping people up to date via email lists on former journeys. (This page is still in the making! Final text soon…)