#4 Koh Samui/Thailand

August 10th, 2005, Koh Samui Island

Same booth. Skin is tanning. Feels like home already.

Holiday at last! The saltiness and the warmth as you breathe in, enjoying the horizon… *sigh* …. bsssssszzzzzsssss… The number of itchy bites suggested to look for a hole in the mosquito net above our mattresses. And guess what, we actually packed needle and thread. Thumbs up!

We chatted with our neighbours from all over the world: USA, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Dschörmäny. “So what do you do?” “How long are you travelling for?” “Where have you been?” “Where are you heading to next?” “Cool!” “Wow!” “Interesting…” This and that.

Especially one Australian seemed like a really nice guy. Super friendly and actually not pissed?! It was noon already- how’s that possible, eh? He had some helpful tips for us and knew his way around. You could tell he’s been travelling for quite a while. He recommended a little tour on a motor scooter around the island to check out the beaches further north and we’re happy to follow his advise:

Booooooorn to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!

My friend functioned as a personal kidney-belt and apart from a pink helmet, pink glasses, red shorts and sneakers I wore a huge smile on my face. A grin to catch flies with. I had never been on a scooter before but my driver’s style blended in nicely with the crazy rest. They all seemed to just scoot along. Whoop whoop. That’s how we rolled!

We stopped here and there. Took a walk through a jungle kind of area and had a swing on a liana and a picture perfect refreshing shower under a waterfall. Visited more Buddha-statues and rested on lovely beaches with the sea all calm and turquoise. So different to the German Ocean!

 Oh what fun it is to ride…

We took pictures and cracked up laughing. Giggles continued when we discovered the adorable spelling mistakes on the menu. Rice with sports for me and pain fried noodles for my friend, please… I could not believe my dirt covered eyes when I still had my pants on after I took them off. Best tan line ever.

The crowning finale of this beauty of a day was a massage on the beach at sunset. Happy end? For sure!

I would’ve snuggled up in bed with my friend if it wasn’t for the first gigantic cockroach I came across whilst sitting innocently on the loo. That kinda scared the shit out of me (not literally, just wees) so I decided to take another walk along the beach to calm down a bit.

The soundtrack came from my pink 4GB (!) iPod as I sat down in the sand and watched the nearly full moon reflecting on the surface of the water. I found some crabs and I observed their busy crawling. The sea. The darkness. Quietness. Peace. I was thinking about home. I was imagining my former daily life without myself in it. I was wondering what the people were all up to. (Remember, it was 2005. There was no Facebook. In fact people checked their private mails not even on a daily basis unless they had a long distance relationship…)

When I got too tired to care I almost had to sleep outside: It took a long time until my knocking made it’s way through the layers of dreams my friend must have had. Finally she woke up and opened the door. Sorry love, forgot the key!


Oh woh wohooh, ow
There she stood in the street
Smiling from her head to her feet
I said: „Hey, what is this now baby“
Maybe, maybe she’s in need of a kiss
I said: „Hey, what’s your name, baby
Maybe we can see things the same
Now don’t you wait or hesitate
Let’s move before they raise the parking rate“, ow
All right now, baby it’s all right now ( Alright Now – Free)

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