Hello Goodbye

I’m in my pink car, a SEAT Marbella. It takes me to the airport. We will part right there: I will hop on a plane and it will be driven back home by someone else.

Back home… There is no turning now. Onwards it goes! Without any shoes on. Yes, barefooted. I am 20, my hair is a mess. I hate socks. I passed my final mathexam because I got a bonus point for wearing no shoes. Nice teachers I had.

My grandmother grumbles at the sight of my naked feet. And so does my mum. Clash of generations. „Put some shoes on!“ Smirking. Ok. I will come to my senses. I will wear them until I’m on the plane. Maybe even further. Heading to Bangkok- I bet there’s loads of stuff on the roads there that I’d rather not walk upon without them.

So goodbye it is. Sadness. Tears, streaming down the faces. Rolling down hearts. Everyone is waving. „Bye!“

Waving. Walking. Turning around. Waving. Walking. Waving.

Tears. Tissues.

I’m taking my friend’s hand and together we disappear in some line to pass security. They make me take off my shoes. Well that lasted long, didn’t it?!

There’s still some time left prior boarding. We head towards the designated smoking area. I’m turning around, waving to the anonymous masses. This last goodbye won’t be seen by those who it was meant for. They probably have already gone home.

And off we go now, too!

I feel totally down-to-earth as we’re leaving ground.

Stopover in London. So close yet so far. We decide to write our first postcard. Home is where you send this stuff to. We are on our way.

I feel a bit queasy. I’m scared. I’m excited.

I smile through my tears.

The ying and yang of the beginning of a long journey.

I look at my friend. What the hell are we doing here, little G?

We’re holding each others hands and fly on.


„I’m leaving on a jetplane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…“ (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Yes! Cheesiest song for going away that has probably been cited by everyone who’s watched the movie „Armageddon“ …

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