# 6 Koh Samui/Thailand

August 13th, 2005, Koh Samui Still here in this booth. Healing. Due to the little incident we delayed our onward journey and enjoyed some more quiet time at the beach. Sun, salt water and a lot of garlic in the curries we had, helped to keep the wound from infecting and made it heal quickly. We […]

#5 Koh Samui Tattoo/Thailand

August 11th, 2005. Homebooth. Koh Samui. Ouch…! What? You didn’t see this one coming? While feasting on a delicious breakfast with muesli, yoghurt and chopped fruits (hail to these ripe and juicy fruits you get around here. I have never tasted this kind of sweetness in mangos or pineapples before!) we thought we’d make most […]

#4 Koh Samui/Thailand

August 10th, 2005, Koh Samui Island Same booth. Skin is tanning. Feels like home already. Holiday at last! The saltiness and the warmth as you breathe in, enjoying the horizon… *sigh* …. bsssssszzzzzsssss… The number of itchy bites suggested to look for a hole in the mosquito net above our mattresses. And guess what, we […]

#3 Koh Samui/Thailand

August 9th, 2005, Koh Samui Island I’m in a cabin like kinda phonebooth with a fan and a PC.  Let’s begin the holiday with a sunburn I got on the boat. Sunscreen is defo more important than shoes… We finally left Bangmotherfuckingkok. But before we travelled further we strolled around Khao San Road once more […]

#2 Bangkok/Thailand

August 5th, 2005, Bangkok Same Internetcafé, still hot, still sweating. So this is it, the first „Guten Morgen“. Let’s yawn away the fear that crept up my back last night. Things do look differently the next morning. We had yoghurt for breakfast. It said something with cereals on the wrapping- little did we expect what […]

#1 Bangkok/Thailand

August 4th, 2005, Bangkok I’m sitting at an Internetcafé downtown in colourful Bangkok. It is damn hot here, even though the sun isn’t shining. Sweat drips. After touching asian ground for the first time we qued up at border control. D’oh! It’s what you go through again and again: No matter which line you are […]

Hello Goodbye

I’m in my pink car, a SEAT Marbella. It takes me to the airport. We will part right there: I will hop on a plane and it will be driven back home by someone else. Back home… There is no turning now. Onwards it goes! Without any shoes on. Yes, barefooted. I am 20, my […]